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Maldon Drama Group to take over revamped museum for ‘surprise’ performance

Updated: May 20

By Ben Shahrabi

Maldon Drama Group’s cast took the stage last month, and are set to reunite for one final show at the Museum of Power. (Credit: Maldon Drama Group)

After hundreds of theatregoers enjoyed Maldon Drama Group’s spring production, a “surprise” extra performance will be held at the Museum of Power this month.

More than two hundred people watched “Harvey”, an adaptation of Mary Chase's 1944 play, at Maldon Town Hall last month.

Following its success, the amateur dramatics society will perform an extra show at the recently renovated museum on May 18.

A spokesman for Maldon Drama Group said: “The feedback has been tremendous. “We are very pleased to announce we are giving one last performance of ‘Harvey’, this time in the marquee at the Museum of Power.”

The museum, in Hatfield Road, Langford, underwent a major transformation last year, costing nearly £2 million. It was redecorated and extended, including a revamped entrance and shop, along with extra seating in the café.

In her review of the play, Hazel Hole MBE, regional representative for the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA), said: “I enjoyed this immensely.

“This play was thought provoking and showcased the acting talents of the cast. Characterisation was very good with American accents throughout and there were some stellar performances.

“Congratulations to all the cast and crew for rising to the challenge of this interesting production and special congratulations to producer Helen Rasmussen for her vision in bringing this production to stage.”

“Harvey” tells the story of Elwood P Dowd, whose closest friend is a pookah, an invisible and very tall white rabbit. When Elwood embarrasses his sister and niece once too often, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Elwood’s sister, Veta, is concerned the six-foot-tall rabbit will interfere with her life as a socialite, so she tries to have Elwood committed at the local sanatorium. But when he goes missing, everyone is on the lookout for the mild-mannered hero and his invisible rabbit.

Tickets cost £12 and can be purchased via the Maldon Drama Group website ( or direct from the Museum of Power.

Gates will open at 5pm, with curtain up at 6pm.


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