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‘Exceptional’ volunteer Judy Smith awarded Maldon’s highest honour for years of community work

Updated: May 20

By Ben Shahrabi

Judy Smith is the latest Maldon resident to be awarded the Freedom of the Town, in recognition of her community work. (Credit: Maldon Town Council)

An “exceptional” volunteer has been awarded Maldon’s highest honour for her years of community work.

The prestigious Freedom of Maldon was received by Judy Smith, who is president of the town’s Rotary Club.

Judy was also celebrated for her contributions to the Scouts, Poppy Appeals, Marie Curie, and Maldon’s famous “Cabbie Day”, among other charity work.

Councillor Andrew Lay, Mayor of Maldon, said: “We are delighted to bestow the Freedom of Maldon upon Judy. Her exceptional contribution to our community and outstanding achievements serve as an inspiration to us all.

“We were honoured to celebrate Judy’s remarkable accomplishments at the ceremony and express our gratitude for her dedication and service to the town."

The Freedom of Maldon is a tradition which dates back centuries, symbolising the highest honour Maldon Town Council can bestow upon individuals who have demonstrated “exceptional service and dedication” to the benefit of the town.

A special ceremony was held on Tuesday, to commemorate the occasion. Judy received a unique scroll and medal in honour of her services to the Town.

The event was attended by “esteemed guests, community leaders, and residents of Maldon”, a Maldon Town Council spokesperson said.

They added: “It was an opportunity to express gratitude and admiration for the remarkable contributions made by Judy.

“The town council recognises outstanding commitment to the community through the Freedom of Maldon honour.”

Those privileged with Freedom of Maldon are invited to be present at the Annual Mayor Making event, along with all other formal civic events. They are also included in the civic procession with past town mayors, and invited to any other town function at the discretion of the serving mayor.


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